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ipo guidance

Initial Public Offerings

Deciding to go public is one of the most critical decisions in your corporate journey and involves establishing a highly qualified team to assist in the process, including legal advisors, underwriters, auditors and a transfer agent.
We offer proactive guidance every step of the way for your IPO to ensure a smooth launch for you, your investors and advisors. Whether you are a private company preparing to list, launching a Capital Pool Company or initiating a reverse takeover, our team is ready to assist.

Cross Border Solutions

As part of their growth strategy, many public companies will expand their horizons and look to increase their investor base in the United States or abroad.
Cross border listings and obtaining DTC eligibility can be complicated and time-consuming. As a registered agent with the US Securities and Exchange Commission we are well positioned with our network of partners to support your company through these processes.

Private Capital Markets

Many private companies manage their shareholder records internally, which can add pressure to existing team members who may not have in depth experience with securities regulations.
With our  expertise your company will benefit from streamlined processes, and we  minimize your company’s financial exposure by applying industry best practices for transfer processing. Our experienced team understands the nuances of private companies and is well equipped to support your investors with their transactions.
reporting & processing

Securityholder Record Keeping and Transfer Services

The integrity of your securityholder records is of the utmost importance, and recording transactions accurately is critical to ensure legal ownership is properly reflected at all times.
Our team  has an impeccable track record for managing securityholder records securely  and efficiently. With our expertise you receive timely and accurate  reporting, and we ensure all transactions are processed with the highest  degree of care.

Securityholder Meetings

Your annual meeting is one of the most important events in your calendar from an investor relations perspective, so it’s important to plan ahead and be prepared for every possible scenario.
We handle all of your administrative and regulatory obligations for the meeting, ensuring compliance every step of the way. Our platform allows for online virtual  meetings, online delivery of proxy material and secure electronic voting.

Corporate Trustee Services

There are a variety of situations where a company may require a trustee to support them through a particular transaction.
Whether acting as indenture trustee for debt instruments, escrow agent for cash or  securities, subscription receipt agent or warrant agent, we have the expertise to accommodate your unique corporate trust requirements.

Disbursements and Reinvestment Plans

When declaring a one-time dividend payment or planning regularly scheduled payments to your investors, it’s critical to have the proper infrastructure in place to manage payments securely and accurately.
We make  any type of disbursement of cash or securities a straightforward process and offer flexible payment options for your investors. A reinvestment plan gives your investors the opportunity to reinvest their disbursement funds back into your company, thereby increasing shareholder engagement.

Corporate Reorganizations

Going through a corporate reorganization can be an overwhelming experience, so it’s important to have clear communication with your investors so that they understand the transaction and how to make their elections.
From  traditional to more complex reorganizations, you can rely on our expertise to ensure that your corporate action is a success. As your depositary, exchange agent and/or paying agent, every aspect of your transaction is executed with utmost proficiency.